Electric Vehicle Charging

Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI): Pioneering EV Charging Standards

Delve into the intricacies of EV charging standards meticulously crafted by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). These standards, designated as AIS-XXX, lay the foundation for ensuring the seamless, secure, and efficient charging of electric vehicles.

Unveiling AIS-138 Part 1: Navigating the Terrain of EV Conductive AC Charging

AIS-138 Part 1 is a comprehensive guide to the conductive AC charging system for electric vehicles. This multifaceted standard covers a spectrum of aspects, including characteristics of the supply device, operational conditions, electrical safety parameters, and compliance requirements for EVs. Explore the detailed nuances of this standard that is applicable to all road vehicles, including plug-in hybrid road vehicles (PHEVs).

Harmonizing with Government Mandates: ARAI and Ministry of Power Guidelines

In tandem with ARAI standards, navigate through crucial government mandates governing EV charging stations. The Ministry of Power (MoP) has outlined guidelines ensuring the seamless integration of charging infrastructure. From exclusive transformers and safety appliances to online network service provider tie-ups, these mandates provide a comprehensive blueprint for compliant and efficient charging stations.

Embark on a comprehensive journey through the realm of ARAI standards, gaining profound insights into the meticulous specifications shaping the landscape of EV charging. Stay abreast of evolving regulations, ensuring your charging infrastructure aligns with industry best practices and contributes to the advancement of sustainable electric mobility.

Key Requirements Summarized Below:

AIS 138 Part 1 for EV Conductive AC Charging System

This standard applies to charging electric road vehicles at standard a.c. supply voltages (as per IS 12360/IEC 60038) up to 1000 V. Covering characteristics and operating conditions of the supply device, connection to the vehicle, safety measures, and EV characteristics, it ensures a standardized approach.

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ARAI standards- AIS 138 Part 2 for EV conductive DC charging system

This standard outlines requirements for DC EV charging stations, known as “DC chargers.” It covers conductive connection to the vehicle with AC or DC input voltage up to 1000 V AC and up to 1500 V DC. The standard includes information on power and signaling interfaces and control communication between the charging station and EV.

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